Thursday, December 27, 2007

Alaska Ultra Sport

We organize summer and winter adventures throughout Alaska.
In February we organize the world's longest human powered ultra marathon on the historic Iditarod Trail. On this blog you will also find trip reports on Bill and Kathi's adventures throughout the year.
Our last trip was a 1000 mile training ride from Salt Lake City, Utah to Tucson, Arizona where we followed a route I put together with Scott Morris' Topofusion GPS program. We were on fantastic singletrails, remote ranch roads, forest roads and a bit of pavement, spending most nights in our one person tent and got a room once a week when we went through a town. You can see our pictures on the links list to Google Picasa.
We started on September 13 and were just ahead of the first snow above Salt Lake.
We covered 85 remote miles through the Escalante National Monument on Smoky Mountain Road and 80 miles on Skyline Drive on the Wasatch Plateau where we stayed above 10,000 feet for 50 miles until we dropped into Salina Canyon.There was a series of beautiful singletrack trails to the Grand Canyon. We got a shuttle from the North Rim to the South Rim and continued on the Arizona Trail to Tucson. We enjoyed the transition from the red and yellow fall colours in Utah to the pine forests in northern Arizona to the Sonoran Desert with all its variety of cactus. Temperatures were as low as 28 F degrees on morning on the Wasatch Plateau to 97 the day we arrived in Tucson.
Water was scarce in places this time of the year, so most of the time we carried two days water about 18 Liters. One of the highlights was an Elk bugling and stomping right in camp at night.
Happy Trails.