Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guiding Season 2009

Our 2009 summer guiding season went well and is not quite finished.

Besides our standard trips into Katmai National Park, Bill and I spent a lot of time paddling Prince William Sound out of Valdez on our own in May and June. We also rafted the Copper River with friends in June. After another trip on the Savonovski Loop in Katmai National Park, we are off to Wood Tikchik State Park where we will be kayaking about 120 miles from Lake Kulik through 5 lakes connected by 4 rivers to Dillingham. This is an amazing place in the Bristol Bay area which we want to check out firsthand.
Then we are off to Florida for a 300 mile kayak trip on the Suwannee River and the Big Bend Saltwater paddling trail in the Golf of Mexico, trip report will follow on my other blog.
Here are some of our images on Google Picasa from this summer and other adventures.
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